Sunday, January 23, 2011

Miss Sydney Clair Ann Bustard

I HAVE A BRAND NEW NIECE!!!!! It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Miss Sydney (A.K.S Squidney) Claire Bustard - born January 17th, 2011 at 7:03am (Alberta time) and weighed just over 7lbs. She' s soo squeezy cute and I wish I lived closer to my sis so that I could squeeze the chubby right out of her cheeks! :) She looks so much like my sis did when she was born, it's not even funny! Oh - and even cooler...Check this out!!! :D
She was born with her 2 bottom teeth!!! How cool is that?! My sis was born with her 2 bottom teeth too! :) She's only 5 days old in this pic...and just in case you didn't notice yet...look up to the top pic and check out the legendary "Craig Bum-chin" :) I soo can't wait to meet her. Living this far away from her sucks! :(


Auntie Em said...

Be-you-tee-ful!!!! Congratulations to you and the whole family on your newest member! Hope you get to meet her soon! She looks like she really, really needs a big hug and some snuggles from her Auntie Hollee!!! :o)

JennC said...

Congratulations Aunty!!! She's beautiful!!!

My DD was born with two bottom teeth. ;o)