Sunday, January 16, 2011

Aint nuthin "Golden" bout Ron Weasley Red

DD (she's 8) has an obsession with hightlights. Before school I put some in and they were super cute. They wore off pretty fast, though, and she picked out a new color - very very red! I said only a few small ones...but they were sooooo carrot top red, they kinda consumed her head. They looked pretty cute, until they faded to a nasty brassy/peroxide color and the roots started to show - then, it was not awesome! Before Christmas, I got a temporary color to help blend everything would have worked very well, except that kiddo washed her hair with body wash immediately following our dye-job and most of the color was gone first night. In desperation, I figured enough is enough...I bought a box of permanent "Golden Brown" which matches her natural color. I put the color in her hair at 7:30 and by 8:00 was rinsing it out...I was immediately afraid! Her roots were the prettiest shade of peach/strawberry blonde! AUGH! WTH is "Golden" in THAT??! I rinsed and rinsed, knowing full well that the dammage had been done! It's a lovely color...but it'll only be a couple days until the roots start to show. Darn you vanity! Darn you to bits!!!

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