Monday, January 3, 2011

Death of a Turkey Dinner...

My Mother(who is not a Pospolita) decided to host a Pospolita Christmas Dinner this year - Incredibly thoughtful, but the idea of 8 children + 8 Adults all crammed into my Moms very breakable home was scary for me! The truth, though, is that we hadn't been together as a Family in over 2 years and I reeeeeeely wanted it to happen. Since most everything in my home is worthless (he he) I decided to host it at our place instead. Mom lives next door - it wasn't a tough sell, especially since the "Pospolita Ranch" is way more kiddo friendly. The sad part is that the ranch is also waaaay messier then Moms place so the Clean-athon began. I cleaned and dug and purged and packed and sorted and organized for 3 days straight! I worked morning and night to get everything as spic n' span as is possible.

Everything was on track until... *DUNH-DUNH-DUNH* (insert horror flic - something bad is about to happen-sound effect here) the water pump started acting up. I ignored it - it was late on Saturday night and I was in the cleaning zone.

Sunday morning - It was a bright and sunny day...and the water pump was still acting up...and I was hunting for a roasting pan that would hold a 40lb turkey. Not an easy task, I assure you. I managed to barrow on from a fellow gal-pal though, and (as mentioned in my previous post) it fit like post-buffet skinny jeans. We had a few issues with smoke due to sweet potatoe spill over in the bottom of the stove...but basically, we were on track. Mom was coming over at 2:00 to help set tables etc...

and then...*DUNH-DUNH-DUNH* (*insert horror flick - something bad is going to happen - sound effect here*)

DH checks on the pump and determines that we have a serious problem. The neighbor had recently dug a trench through our side yard to install a drain in her basement - which had flooded so badly that she lost power. For whatever reason, since they dug the trench...we were now having problems with our well which lies only a short distance from where they dug...AND...Dad pointed out the "puddle-ish thing" at the bottom of the yard where the well sits. (*see pic *) AUGH!!!!! Behold, my 2011 J-Walker!!

We tried like crazy (without water) to pull it off, but the closer we came to the time of our Turkey Dinner, the more we realized that it wasn't a good plan. You see - if you had to had to wait for DH to run downstairs and turn on the breaker to the pump...if you needed water - same thing.

Plus...when the breaker is on...the ground was like a huge soppy sponge...filling with water that was gushing out through the surface...and when he turned it off - it was a sink hole! And so...our Pospolita Turkey Dinner plans died with out well...

We called the guys who dug for our neighbors...the showed up - did nothing...we had to make our own arrangements. The problem likely would have occurred eventually anyway - but they were definately part of moving things along - grr!

This morning, Dad made a couple of calls. (*mental note for 2011 - make friends with an escavator owner-operator and bake for him alot!*)

and the dig began...

See that little white line over his boot?? That would be our villain. A jet like stream of water, equivalent to that of a high powered nerf squirt gun.
The elbow off of the well cover sprung a leak and had been running for goodness knows how long (sitting 8+ feet below ground).

Thankfully, Dad made another call (*mental note - make friends with old-school plumber/well guy and bake for him alot!*) By 5:00 today, the hole was covered over and we now have lots of running water! :) We also have lots and lots of turkey, though...and not "rain date" has been set for our Pospolita Turkey Dinner.
So far, 2011 has been a bit of a drip! :S


Kirsten said...

only you.....happy new year!

Suzanne said...

I'm sorry Hollee! I want to know where you got a 40lb turkey!

Auntie Em said...

Hollee, if anything is going to go wrong with plumbing, you can usually count on it happening in:
1 the middle of winter when everything is frozen up
2 when you are expecting a house full of company
3 when you are flat broke.

Sometimes, it's all three at once. At least it happened before a really bad winter freeze this time!
{{{hugs}}} from the voice of experience!