Friday, January 2, 2009


My new baby arrived on New Years Eve as promised by Canada Post!! I picked her up - totally excited. The only bummer was that she doesn't take batteries like other cameras...she has a chargeable battery pack. I'd been warned that you must completely charge them before using it for the first time...bummer...that can take over 12 hours in come even though I had her...I wouldn't get to use her. The good news is that when I read over the instructions, her battery ONLY TOOK 2 HOURS TO CHARGE!!!!! How amazing is THAT??!!! I plugged it all in right away and in 2 hours she was ready to go!! I have named her Audrey. I'm not sure if it's weird to name your camera, but I've totally named mine :) Now I just have to figure out how she works! I haven't even loaded any of my pics onto the computer yet...mainly because I have to sort through all my pictures first - *sigh* - but in the mean time, I'm super pleased with a bunch of my pictures and how they seem to be turning out :) I wish the zoom was a little better, but so what! I'll just have to get closer to my subjects ;)

On another cool note, I realized I didn't have a memory card for her. I went into the Futureshop to get one (they had an 8G card on sale for $9.99) Anyway, I asked the guy for help...he pointed but that was it. I think he actually thought the heavily made up lady that was fondeling the lense at the counter would actually buy it...oh well. He told me the sale ones were gone but others were on another rack. I found one that I was hoping was cheaper and went back to ask the price...he said $69.99! I was shocked and kindof hum-hawd a bit...then - tossed it on the back counter and walked away. I was a little annoyed...then he pulled something out from under the register and said "I'll sell you mine". ??!!!!! He had a 16GB memory card on hold for himself that was only $19.99!!!!!!!!! I just about freaked out!! What a nice guy!!!! I totally need to write a thank you note to him or something cuz that was totally sweet of him! (with my luck, though - I'll wind up getting him fired for setting it aside for himself in the first place!! lol)

New years eve, I was a photo taking fool! I've added almost 200 pics to her so far...some of them are actually pretty cute! It would have been awsome to have her on Christmas morning, but oh well...there's always next year :) In the mean time, I'm trying not to drive hubby crazy cuz I want to take her with me everywhere I go!!! LOL

Here's to good times and great pics in 2009!


Suzanne said...

You are gonna LOVE Audrey! I need to take some classes to learn how to use my Canon EOS but so far I'm loving everything I get on the manual modes.

Kirsten said...

Congratulations! She will be well loved I am sure. The battery keeps a long life (less as it gets older, but I still only charge mine once, maybe twice a month, and I take over a 1000 photos each month.

Hollee said...

he he - my secret code is "bushe" ;)