Monday, January 26, 2009

Spring is in the air!!

Ok - not's like minus freakin holy hell outside!! BUT the Vessey seeds catalogue is out, so I know it's at least coming!! lol

Gardening has been a bit of a white elephant for me. I want to be one of those green thumbed folks who can hear the petals calling her name and knows intuitively what to plant where, who needs what food, what soil to add to what and always has the most breathtaking flower beds that make passers by GASP with envy!

Sadly...I always bite off way more then I can chew - get over run with weeds or out of control clibmy things that I bought on sale without a label - just to see what might grow from the near dead brown thing in the pot for .20 cents! LOL

My problem is that I dont' know where to start, and have nobody to really ask or show me how. So...I google everything, get way too excited...try a million things...most of it fails - but I can never remember where it went wrong or the vicious circle continues. This year, though, I think I have decided to be smart about it all. I checked out the Vessey site and HOLY MOLEY!! Their site is super cool!! You can pick plants from your zone...narrow it down to bloom times etc. so that you'll always have something blooming somewhere and it takes all the guess work out!!! I'll have to start them indoors, but so what! I tried that one year and it wasn't too bad...if I cut back to half of what I did before then it should go ok :) And if I totally fail...I can always fall back on $20. worth of petunias!! LOL I should probably work on getting my scrap room organized before biting off a gardening project but...where the heck is the fun in THAT??! LOL

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