Saturday, January 17, 2009


I've been MIA to everyone and everything for the last week or so...holy moley life can sure get crazy!! I was covering for someone last week, so doing my job AND! I didn't take a single lunch break and ran my feet off all week! In the middle of all of it, I was making a 15 minute slide show for a lady at work - (For her parents 50th wedding anniversary)...starting from scratch...over 120 pics (had to scan them all!) Then, I had to make to poster things for 2 ladies at work who were retiring...I've never met them, but I got voluntold for the project - fun! THEN I had to made to basket ball cakes...and still find time to get the every day stuff done! Today I spent 2 hours cutting matts out of the dogs fur...Every winter she gets them behind her ears - AUGH! And now...I'm off to get laundry done and hopefully be able to put what used to be my house back together!

Well...that was my 5 minutes of "me time" for the day...Chatatcha later.

Me :)

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