Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Lately I've been preoccupied with the color of my walls…As it stands, my living room is a dusty sage green, my dining room is the color of a tim hortons ice cap…kitchen would be gumball red (If DH would have tinted the primer like I asked then 7 coats should have been enough) and the "stuff room"/landing/entry/stairway is half pretty yellow and half primary yellow. (and not in an intentional way - more of a DAMNIT! YOU MIXED THE PAINT WRONG! Way…) That's tooooo much color and for some reason, I'm suddently finding that stressful!

What do I have in mind?? Cream! 1 color - simple and done!!! A very bright and very pretty cream color through my entire home! I'm not sure why this idea has been bugging me so much lately, but there it is! No matter what color I chose…I'll be painting the kitchen first! LOL Streaky red looks more like something from the set of a low budget horror film!! LOL And there's too many other things in my home that coordinate with that same look so probably best to start there!! LOL

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The Queen said...

OMG! covering that red will be a bee-atch! I don't envy you at all and the one color idea seems good now but it won't last long and you'll find yourself painting again - honestly I suggest you don't do it.....