Thursday, January 8, 2009


I have dubbed myself an organized person in a disorganized world. What I mean by that is that my family is totally NOT organized...they have no interest in it and see little value in it...why?? cuz Mom always knows where everything is, and if she doesn't - she has this crazy memory that can locate where she last saw it in seconds...AND she can tidy our crap up in no time so why do WE have to do anything?? Yup - I've created a Monster!

I used to be a Scrappin Mag junkie - true story! I'm embarassed at how much money I have spent on magazines over the last few years...especially since I'ver purchased less then 3 new pieces of clothing for myself in that same time!! (and I don't have a ton of clothing either). Anyway, Memory Makers fell off the grid as a fave a long time ago. Although I like it, there are waaaay too many advertisements and I just felt that they chose their layouts based on who was scrappin with the hottest product, rather then the work. Then there was the issue with my MM cutter...Let's NOT go there m'kay?? I also found that their "special issues" were more about peddling product then actually helping me be a better scrapper...well...this time, I have to take it allllll back!!!

Yesterday, I picked up "Memory Makers GET ORGANIZED!" It's a special issue, dedicated specifically to organization! It has a TON of fantastic ideas and tutorials on HOW to do it...AND although it does show you products out there (for sale of course) that are big ticket and way beyond what is reasonable for my empty wallet, most of it are terrific ideas that I CAN afford...or could make my own copy cat easily with things that I likely have already, or could find at my local Walmart!!!

Anyway, I haven't even finished looking through it yet, but I'm super juiced about the idea of finally - once and for all - getting my scrapping space "figured out"'s the one space in the house that has been my enemy for far too long!! I figure that between my blog, and Skrapnchat I can get a bunch of Scrappers to join hands and all get our scrap spaces in order.

I'm kinda starting from scratch. My room is trashed again (big shock) but since the guinea pigs moved in, they take up a huge chunk of my space...but I'm also switching rooms too! (and not taking the pigs with me - he he) My new scrap room will - ideally - be a room that is warm and relaxing and hugely inspiring...that allows me to scrap effectively and efficiently with minimal hunting and pecking...that tidies up with ease and is beautiful when in order...and when not in use as a scrap room can doube as a spare bedroom. Maybe I'm wishing for too much from this space, but one thing is for sure...I need to figure it out!

So...if you wanna tag along, I'll be posting my steps to this journey well as in the forum. Hope you join me cuz this journey should not be traveled alone. :)


Tracey Bryant said...

Good luck! I reorganized before Christmas, but I bought a unit from Canadian Tire. I posted a pic on Skrapnchat! Where did you get your magazine! I am still always up for organizing suggestions!

Jenn said...

I'm right there with you! I too have the strong desire to have an organized scrap space. It's nice not to have to take this journey alone! ;0)

StampinThursdays said...

WTG! I really need to organize my space but I keep procrastinating and haven't touched it yet. I'll keep checking in.............I need all the motivation I can get!