Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rock tumbler

For those of you who have seen this mystifical creation on the shelves of Michaels or other such stores, take heed...there are 2 things you must know before venturing forward with this marvelous creation.

1. Said marvelous creation takes approx' 1 week to properly tumble stones...and at some point during said week, there are 3 steps to be followed...each requiring the addition of a baggie of rock dust and well as the scrubbing or rocks - fun fun fun...NOT! AND you can NOT get any rock dust into the rim of the bucket...or it ruins the seal, which is bad...again I say fun fun fun...NOT!

2. IT'S REEEELY FREEEEKIN LOUD!!!! And it has to run for 24hrs a day!

S0...that's all I have to say about that...maybe some day soon, we'll have perfectly polished Amethysts...but by then - I really won't give a damn! I WILL, however, get to take some screamin hot pics of the resented stones!! That you can be sure of!! lol

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