Friday, October 1, 2010

What a week!!!

This week really thumped the heck out of my sails, and I'm really not even sure why...

Monday - hmmm...don't even really remember Monday much...
Tuesday - double hmmm...can't say I remember it much either??
Wednesday - work was ridiculous (even though I had taken a vacation day)!! Got home in time to grab kiddo and take her to my boss's new place cuz she's kitty sitting for them while he and his wife are away next week. (thank gawd cuz she's been so over-the-moon excited about it that I was worried I'd have to trank her!) Then after that I ran her home, and scooted back in town to help Lynn (a.k.a. U-Wash Dog wash owner) move to the new shop! IT'S SOOOO FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I can't wait till she's all set up! The new shop is terrific!! After that, I got home, made a grill cheese and flopped on the couch with a bad movie and my crocheting.
Last night...A big friggin blurrr - lots of home work and more crochet (I had to finish a hat for this morning) got to bed late... up - got the kids on the bus - got to work run run all day - phones ringing off the hook - too many meetings and events to organize that I can't even keep crap straight! didn't get out till 5:15 (groan!) Got home just in time to leap out the door in about 20 minutes to take kiddo to youth group and the next thing I know, it'll be Monday! *sigh* I'm soooooooo tired. :(

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