Friday, October 15, 2010


Holy crap what a week!!! Seriously - coordinating meetings, and taking minutes and running here and there for perfmace reviews for a zillion employees and a team of travel, meeting deadlines - realizing you missed deadlines and double timing it trying to catch up before it's a huge flub up, and chasing ridiculous tasks that make absolutely no sense adn take sooo much time you'd like to wring the askers neck - only cuz they didn't have teh set to say to their boss - "hey - this is a dumb exercise - what you really need is this, which will only take 2 minutes." Nope - nobody does that so I got to run my brain off all week...and then got to bring it all home with me today. You know it was bad when your boss looks at you at 3:50 and says "Well - I've had feel like leavin early too??"

Yup - this week was one heckuva week.

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