Monday, October 11, 2010

Photographing a fish...

Have you ever tried to photograph a godlfish?? Well - it's a heckuva lot harder then you'd think! See - we have 2 new members in our Family. The first is Looshus. He's all gold and stuff. the strong silent type if you will...kinda camera shy - see for yourself!I think it may have been the flash that coaxed him over...aint he sweet!?I have to admit, I'm a sucker for those dreamy eyes and big lippy pout! :) He has a friend with him too! "Her" name is "Floo-wah" and she's a little koy ;)"She" is the smaller of the two...and I think that tomorrow, we might add a 3rd named "Moyrah" :) Anyway, I gave up on getting a decent picture of either of them, and opted to take a pic of their happy little water home...can you see-em? :) I miss spunjee, but it's kinda cool to have un-constipated fish for a change! :)
On a similar note, Kiddo got a new Betta too - he's the coolest fighting fish I have ever seen! He's an irradescent pink with red spots - totally light colored, and has TONS of personality! If I can get a pic of him...I'll definately post it here :)

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lesly said...

lol - Wow you have been busy blogging! Love those cakes. Oh Yeah- you might want to buy two more fish - Moyra has a daughter Rosa(with a rolling R of course). I graduated with Rosa. Good Times. :)