Saturday, September 11, 2010


I Love my puppy but she can be a total pain in the ass! Holy crap! Tonight, she's ticked cuz we ordered poutine from the Diplomat and purposely blocked her access to our food with a laundry hamper. She sat there on complete alert and whyned and stared through our the end, kiddo gently fed her fries though. You'd think that she'd be happy but the last half hour (while I've tried to get a few minutes to myself) She found the cardboard container for the fries that kiddo left downstairs and tore that all to pieces, she chewed up a webkinz parrot, a starshine owl, 2 coloring books, a pen and I just took a mangled Barbie out of her face!!! AUGH! I love my puppy, but she can be a total pain in the ass!!

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