Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blast from the passed!

When I was in the 3rd grade, I met my 1st ever BFF. Stephanie and I were like peas & carrots for the next many years. We were always good kids too. We never got into any trouble (together anyway) and pretty much walked the straight and narrow.

When we were 16, we took my old Malibu, and drove to PEI for the week. We rented a cottage and just hung out. When we tried to check in, though, the lady at the front counter refused to let us have the room because she was sure we were going to be partying and having boys over etc. (which was the furthest thing from our minds) Stephanie's Mom called the hotel and went up one side and down the other, until she consented to let us have the room we had already paid for...And - true to our word, we didn't make a sound the entire stay.

Over the years, she and I have stayed in touch. We both have families of our own and have exchanged fairly regular updates on which kiddo is how old and who's in what grade, what hubbies are doing and life in general. Today, we work in the same building for the same peeps and get to chat pretty much daily. :)

This morning, she sent me an e-mail and said she had something to show me…You'll never guess what she brought down!!
What a blast from the passed this was!!! :) I cant' believe how young I look!! It seems that the last 20 years have not been kind to me! Lol She - on the other hand - looks exactly the same (with better hair today though.) My only other thought is...What in the world were our parents thinking??!!! :) Oh to be young again!


Queen Mel said...

ha! Gotta loves those old pics......it is so much fun to look back......the good ol' days eh?

Auntie Em said...

Wow! 16 and allowed to travel to another province on your own!!! Soo Hollee, are you going to let your daughters take off with another friend, in a car and go away for the weekend??? :D
How great that you are still BFFs!!!