Sunday, September 26, 2010

About Saint Bernards

In reading the book "Saint Bernards - a complete pet owners manuel" by Linda Walker, it reads;

"The Saint Bernard is eager to please, and makes a devoted family pet"

Bitch lied!

The chapter marked "preparing your yard" that outlines the steps to remove poisonous plants to protect your pet, should have read...Start by removing the poisonous stuff...your Saint will eat the rest!

The book goes on and on about what a joy the Saint Bernard is...what she doesn't explain is that they're a royal Pain in the A$$ too! Don't get me wrong, I Love her to pieces, but let me elaborate a little on where my frustrations lie...

Scenario 1 - Daisy is running back and forth behind my shrubs, chewing on them like mad! I immediately tell her no - she tops, smiles at me...and continues to chew on the shrub. I tell her "Come!" more running, more chewing and I eventually walk accross the yard to drag her into the house.

Scenario 2 - starts the same way...this time, though, I walk out to the edge of the deck, I wistle to get her attention and hold a cheese slice high in the air - BAM! I have her immediate and undevided attention and when I say "Come!" she prances in the house like a drag queen in stilletto's. (Saints are clumsy when they're young.)

Willing to please?? I do hope it starts soon...

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