Monday, September 6, 2010

The final count down...

tick-tock-tick-tock Tonight marks the final sleep before my little "dream-stealers" start their respective journeys into grade 3 french immersion and grade 7 middle school. Unfortunately, I'm still suffering from ma Nyquil drunk and can't seem to get my head on straight. I've been battling this crazy cough for a week now (have I mentioned that I despise summer colds?). During the day, I've been trying to cough my face off so that at night I can turn it off with liquid codeine and some funky orange flavored miracle that when combined offer me a sweet 5 hour streach of cough free sleep...trouble is - I ran out yesterday. And because I have to piggy back it all with nyquil so that I can sleep...I'm a total zombie the next day...I've never been on nyquil so long before and I have to say that it is not a most excellent adventure.

On the home front, though, my baked beans smell very tastee and are crocking in the crock pot. I cheated and bought my spoon bread (oh well) but plan to teach 12 year old DD how to make rolls this afternoon...and now - if I can manage to not fall over from Nyquil enduced vertigo I plan to hang clothes on the line cuz tomorrow is back to school and honestly - who doesn't feel cozy and ready for dream land in line dried bedding?? :)

(*note - this post likely makes way less sense then I planned...but thanks to Nyquil the letters are dancing around my screen like a chorus line. I'm sure I'll get a chuckle out of it later - and may have to clarify a point or two...until then - I'm off was I gonna do?*)

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