Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disney wrecked my kids!

My kids are behaving like cheeky and obnoxious dough-heads and it's all Disney's fault!!

When I was a kid, I remember watching shows like Little House on the Prairie, the littlest Hobo, the friendly giant, Mr. Dress up, Mr. Rogers, Gem, Danger Bay, the Cosby show, full house, gummy Bears…the list goes on. And of those shows…none of them taught me how to behave like a moron, speak with disrespect and generally act out like a baboon! Today's shows, however are teaching my girls that it's ok to leap out of your chair in the middle of class and blurt out "I'VE GOTTA PEE!" Because the grown up teacher is an idiot. Think of it for a minute…Hanna Montana, Wizards of Waverly, Zack & Cody (The creator of Z&C should be flogged for his influence on the young brains of our nation!) etc…of all these shows, which one demonstrates a child who behaves "normal"? A child who makes mistakes, creates mischief, suffers consequences and learns from them under the watchful eye of a stable parent? Well - that's easy - NONE!! Instead, they're all animated rejects who over emphasize their words and dramatize their points with the IQ's of turnips - and I just can't stand them! It got so bad that we even cancelled our cable...and I don't think it has made a difference!!

When my goons are being constantly infused with geek-speak…how, as a parent, am I supposed to un-do it? I think Disney should cover my therapy bill…or at least make a sizable donation to my liquor cabinet, cuz if my 7 year old greets me with "w'sup" one more time...

*the remaining paragraphs of this post have been removed by management to protect the author from bad things that might happen if she says them out loud*

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Auntie Em said...

You said it!!! I find those shows so loud and annoying with terrible writing. Speaking of that...if all the Mom's started writing the networks and telling them WHY they are canceling their cable, stopped buying the clothes and accessories with the characters on them, stopped taking their kids to these concerts, those shows would go away.
And while you are at it, would you get rid of Caillou too, please?