Sunday, November 25, 2012

Parties are exhausting!!

Today, we wrapped up youngest kiddo's 10th birthday party.  She chose a sleepover birthday party at a hotel (cuz they have a pool and room service).  I have to say that it went very very well (crazy kids aside and all! :) )  We've been planning her party for ages but life always got in the way. 

Yesterday, 4 of her friends arrived at the hotel.  I had a schedule of events for their entire stay and (for the most part) we were able to stick to it. The first thing we did was pass out pillow cases to each of the girls with their initial on it (to keep them from fighting over pillows).  I made them from dollar store pillow cases and scraps of fabric that I had on hand.  (I'll post a tutorial later). They swam for about an hour, then we went back to the room for pogo's and room service french fries (which were awesome btw) followed by birthday cake and presents.  Before heading to the pool again, we all made fleece blankets (the kind that you tie knots around the edges of).  It was fun for all and they were all super quiet for the first time in hours! lol  Before bed, they made duct tape purses (another tutorial to post later) and watched a movie until well after 1am.  (side note - air mattress = not awesome!)  This morning, everyone was up and away by 11am, but not before taking in another swim.

 Today, the Birthday girl is smiling from ear to ear from having all of her friends call this "the best sleepover ever" and Mommy is totally beat! :)  Here are some pics of the big day - including one of her cake which I'm completely in LOVE with!!!  It's my first owl cake...but was almost a pigeon. lol   

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