Sunday, November 25, 2012

Monogram pillow case tutorial

I should have taken a picture of the supplies needed before I started but...I didn't think of making a tutorial until after I started soooo...this is as good as it gets. :)

Here's what you need;

  • A white pillow case
  • Fun fabric
  • Cardstock (to make your letter template)
  • Iron on fusing
  • sewing machine

I started my project with a quick stop at the dollar store, where i picked up twin packs of white pillow cases for $2.  (I got 3).  I brought them home and ran them through the washer and dryer.  Next time, I'll open the packages first, though, because a few of them were this thin weird non-nice fabric, while the other 3 were a nicer thicker cotton. 

Once they were washed and dried, I ironed them to get them ready for the monogram. 

My next step was to cut out letter templates for each of the girls.  S for Sophia, B for Bronwyn etc...I drew them out on cardstock and traced them onto the fusing.  (*Note - remember to flip it over so that you're tracing the mirror image onto the fusing - like the Z.  The fusing goes onto the wrong side of the fabric so that when you iron on to the pillow case it's not backwards.) 

Now that you have your fusing letter traced and cut out (sorry - missed the pic on this one too)  You can move on to the next step.

Remember that we flipped over our letter so that we cut it out of the fusing backwards.  Lay your backwards fusing letter on to the wrong side of your fabric and iron as per the instructions. (Leave the paper backing in place for now). Once it is ironed in place, you will cut it out.

When you cut the letter out, though, be sure to cut it slightly larger than the fusing.   The reason is that you don't want the fusing going clear to the edge of your letter because a) it will gum up your iron...and b) you want a small edge to fray (it looks cuter)

This is what the S looks like once it's flipped over

Continue this process for as many pillow cases as you want to make.  Once you have them all cut out - they'll look like this. :)  (See - they're not backwards anymore...well...except for the Z cuz I'm a total bone head and didn't realize it was backwards until after it was sewn on to the pillow case...and we were at the hotel...and was passing them out - DOH!  Sorry Zaide - I'll make you a new one. :(

So - remember that paper backing that's leftover from the fusing??  Well...once it has cooled, that paper will peel right off.  You'll know it's perfect cuz it will have a bit of a sheen on it.  You'll need to peel the paper off before you iron it on to the pillow case.  (Not talking down to ya - just outing myself for forgetting a few times myself. ) 
See the sheen??  Aint it purdy?! :) 
So the next step is to place your fusable letter on to the pillow case wherever you want it to be and iron it in place as per the instructions on your fusing. 

And there you have it - a letter - stuck to a pillow case!! :)  The final steps are to head to your sewing machine and stitch it down leaving a small seam allowance all around.  After that - toss it in the washer and dryer. 

Note that by the time I got this far - it was late and I was fighting with outlets and old sewign machines so I didn't get any more pictures...but will psot more later.

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