Friday, November 16, 2012

A LalaLoopsy cake will be born today

I'm really excited about my most recent cake.  It's  LalaLoopsy cake...more to the point, it's a CHOCOLATE LalaLoopsy cake!!!  Have I mentioned how much I love chocolate cake?? :) 

I had a super nutty week this week - lots going on at home and work, so I decided to remove all stress from my life and take today off - so - I get to spend the entire day working on it. :)  My fondant has been done for a while now.  I made it last week when I made the Cheburashka cake.  My frosting has also been sitting at the ready - so basically, all that's left is the cake (which is half cooling and half in the oven) :)  I'm not entirely sure what it will look like when it's done - all I know is that she likes pink and purple - and the blue LalaLoopsy (Mittens) is her fave. :)  I know it will be a 2 tier cake and be very colorful.  I've been working on fondant buttons and sculpting Mittens...and the rest will sort itself out as i go. :)

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