Thursday, November 1, 2012

My baby is 10!

Before I get into my post about Sophia's 10th birthday, I would like to note that typeing on a laptop...witha  cat pressing into your left side - his head directly under your left wrist - is not nearly as easy as one would think.  I'm guessing he's perched there because of the heat. 

So - on to bigger things...This is what my baby looks like the minute she turns 10.  :)  It's tradition that we take a picture every birthday morning. Here she is this year! :)

This year, she wanted a Sheep cake to take into her class.  Because I was crazy enough to have my baby the day after Halloween, I wasn't able to start it until after trick or treating.  (what was I thinking?)  Anyhoo - here she is.  Her feet are marshmallow wrapped in fondant. 
I wanted to add a little surprise to the cake.  Her school mascott is a frog and soo...I had to add one. :)  The best part was a total accident.  When I pressed him into the frosting, his little tongue looks like he's eating the frosting fleece. :)
Another fun detail were the little hearts I put here and there (specifically, the one on his butt)
One of the highlights of her birthday was her Birthday Quilt. :)  The quilt needs it's own post, though, the story is too important to not tell. :)

Happy Birthday Kiddo! :)

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