Saturday, November 10, 2012

A 3 cake week!

I think I'm getting better at planning my cakes because I just delivered my 3rd cake of the week and I'm remarkably sane! :)  That said - It was delivered to one of my fave cake customers EVER so that's probably why. :)

Cake 1 - Cheburashka

Huh??  lol that's what I said when I got the request for this one. :)  It was from a friend and collegue who's husband is from Russia.  I learned that Cheburashka is a character from a Russian Childrens book/story.  If you click on the name above, you can read all about it. :) 

The next fun part is that this cake was CHOCOLATE!!!!! :)  I hardly ever get to make chocolate cake - but it's one of my favorites!! :)  anyway - the request was for a Cheburashka cake witha pink background, a red present and Happy Birthday Klara.  I think I did ok. :)  Oh - and the birthday girl is out of this world A-DOR-A-BLE!!! :)

Cake 2 - Happy Birthday Boss :)

This week is my Boss's birthday and every year I have made him a Canadiens cake.  This year, however, I didn't plan very well and realize far too late that...I didn't have red coloring.  Contrary to Sophia's suggestion, I knew that a pink logo was not an option so instead...he got a boring blue frosted cake.  It was so boring, in fact, that I didn't even bother with a picture. lol

Cake 3 - Happy Birthday Sophie!!!

Remember the Octonauts cake from a few weeks back??  Well - this one is for his little sister!!!  This cake has perplexed me for weeks!  Cake customer gave me creative freedom - which was a bad idea cuz my creative cake brain was on over drive!!!  I finally settled on an idea with some help and guidance from her and this is what I came up with...I wish I could have cut into the cake to show the inside, but that would have been inappropriate. lol  She did promise to send me a picture, though, of the 6 layers of pink to mauve ombre inside. :)

I also made a little smash cake for the birthday girl, so that she coudl rip through it at her hearts content. :)  I used my Nanna's recipe for basic white cake, which is a little more dense and less "flingable". :)  Still - lots and lots of super pink frosting to provide a suitable sugar rush. :)  The picture is deceiving, though, it's not as big as it looks.  It's actually the same size as a can of crushed tomatoes. ;)  hehe  - I love cans. :)  And that's the end of my cake week.  Next weekend, though, I have a LalaLoopsy cake due for Friday followed by a shower cake for work the next week.  After that ...I'm done with cakes until 2013 so that I can spend the holidays focussing on Family. :)  YAY! 

p.s.  Dontcha just LOVE the pink?? :)

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