Sunday, March 6, 2011

Meet Zeb!

Meet Zeb!  Isnt' he cute?!  I'm finally finished after taking a few days off from crocheting.  I got tha pattern from Maddison's Craft Nook a while ago (but got distracted by Luna and never did make him).  As of this morning, he was still missing his joint buttons...and still needed some color - what to do??  I tried to reach the Zeb-getter to find out what kiddo's fave color was...but I didn't hear back right away - then I found this cool rainbow yarn that's bright and pretty and coincedentally has all of kiddo's fave colors!  (I hope it's ok - and if not - I can totally swap it for a different colored one :)  Anyhoo - he went together super are some more pics from a bunch of angles.  Now my only question is...what am I gonna stitch next??! :)


Cathy W said...

Awesome job Hollee - I'm working on a zebra hat right now... I'm supposed to be working on a turtle and a unicorn as well... Yikes!

Auntie Em said...

Very cute! I love his little rainbow scarf.
Thanks for sharing! :)