Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lost an hour...

Today is the last day of March Break.  Thing2 had a sleepover on Friday night, and her friend (Lovingly named Thing1) was going to sleep over a  2nd night as well...well...We thought we would be smart and set up a TV/Computer room for the girls upstairs.  When sleepover night came, we let the punks sleep in the TV room - 1 on the love seat and the other on a mattress on the floor.  We thought we'd be smart and let them fall asleep in front of their movie - except...they watched that movie until midnight, put in a 2nd one...and then woke up the big sister to put on a 3rd at 1 in the morning!  Holy Crap!  Thing 2 was at my bedside at 3am asking if she could snuggle to help her sleep cuz they had watched Twilight...which is not scary at all unless you are 8 years old and having a sleepover. ugh!  Anyway, last night at 11:30pm, while Thing 2 was asleep - Thing1 decided she wanted to go home - groan!  I hated like heck that her Dad had to come get her...but off she went at midnight.  My Thing 2 didn't wake up till almost 10:00 this morning! 

Anyway - as I said before, today is the last day of March Break.  I had a few fun things planned for the girls today - including taking them to see the Justin B movie at the cheap theater...we had a late breakfast and were getting ready to go when...I noticed that my computer said 1:00!!  WHAT?!  UGH!  Spring forward!  The time went ahead and I missed it! JB movie today.  Now I'm left with 1 less hour and no major ideas of what to do tha twould be fun...I guess we'll start with the dog park.  That way at least dog will have a fun time. :)

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