Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dads are different...

This morning, we had to rearrange the routine a little cuz DH had an appointment at 8am.  I had to put the goons on the bus (7:55am) and then walk to the bus stop.  The walk takes about 10ish minutes - but it was nice today so I didn't mind.  Unfortunately, the bus doesn't arrive until 8:22am and by the time is all said and done, I didn't make it to the office until almost 9:00! eek!  (Good thing boss is awesome!) 

So anyway, the bus stop is directly accross from a little elementary school that both of my girls went to.  I got to watch all the Moms dropping their goons off - some polished and shined, others in their jammies and an entire group in between.  Some chatted with each other on the way back to their cars, or smiled at each other as they passed and every one of them was efficient and cautious and focussed on the direction their kiddo was headed, and watched to make sure they made it (but most of them escorted their kiddo's to wherever they were going).  Over all. a bustling busy morning and each Mom seemed a little relieved when their wee sprogs were delivered safe and sound...

then...the bell rang...the shool day started...and one by one...the Dads arrived.  The first, in a white SUV - kiddo jumps out on his own while the Dad pops the trunk and pulls out a Sobeys bag tha was shaped like a cake - he quickly tosses it to his little tyke who is half the size of the huge back pack he's wearing...and he hussles the little guy into the shool (Sobeys bag bouncing like crazy to the beat of his short legged sprint).  Dad does not watch where kiddo is going - hops in the car and drives away (kiddo hadn't made it to the front door when he dropped the Sobeys bag - hopped up, grabbed the mangled bag and ran in the front doors.)  The 2nd and 3rd Dad came to a rolling stop - let kiddos' hop out - waved and kinda watched as the drove away...the last Dad had a bottle toting toddler in a car seat..He opened the door to his van and hurried his kiddo out and into the school - half following him, while looking back where baby sat in the van - looking almost torn between the two...he started to sideways run back to the van while looking back to see that his goon made it into the building and mumbled something about crazy mornings as he hopped into his vehicle (crazy bed-hair and all) and drove away.

At the end of the day, the Dads still got it done...but I have to say - of the 6 I saw this morning...they were all late...and none of them had the polish and shine that us Moms do. :)

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