Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Green Village

Green Village is closing its doors after more then 20 years of business. It is going to be so sad to not have them around. They have been a big part of life for my girls and I. No more strolling for annuals on Mothers Day. No more impromptu visits for "gourmet ice cream" with the fruit pieces on top. No more hours spent quietly in the butterfly house in hopes that the blue one will take flight. No more lizard staring, no more conversations with Morgan the parrot. No more giant goldfish in the huge aquarium. No more baby bunnies at easter time or 5 cent wishes in the un-wishing pond...No more whimsical clearance sale items or fun garden finds. It just doesn't seem right. I know that you don't realize just how important something is until it's gone…and it seems silly to have such an attachment to a "business" but this one will be hard to let go of.

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