Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hemolytic Anemia

Hemolytic Anemia is what my Lucy has. Antibodies attached to all of her red blood cells, and freaked out her immune system, so every red blood cell with an antibody attached will be destroyed. The vet put her on sterroids to shut down her immune system, and her body is working double time to reproduce her entire body's supply of blood. Because she has such a small amount of red blood cells she's not getting much oxygen and really needs a transfusion. For now, we're hoping her body will kick in to overdrive and recover without because with DH's meds...that's not a choice I can afford to make. She made it downstairs tonight, for the first time in almost a week! She's brighter, and more interrested in the world around her...but she has absolutely no stamina and sleeps alot. Her breathing slowed down - which I'm told is an excellent sign. She's only eating a tuna size can of dog food a day, though...which isn't much for a 120lbs dog! We have more bloodwork scheduled for 9:30am (Yes - on a Sunday) and are going to continue praying 1 day at a time. She is only 4 years old...I hadn't planned on a good-bye for at least 10 years. God willing - I can keep that plan.

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Kirsten said...

Holle, so glad to hear that she made it to fight another day. The girls at SNC are all doing a dance for you. If your pup has half your will, you will have no problem making that "see you later" thing happen much much later.