Friday, April 9, 2010

Not meant to have my coffee!

This morning was crazy...DH had an appointment so I had to take the bus to work. I like the bus...nobody calls me Mommy and I can work on my crochet project. The down side, though, is that I don't get to stop at Tim's on my way to work. But - my next best is that I can totally swing by Tim's on my walk to the office from where the bus stops! SCORE! Yeah...not so much! I got there this morning and it was lined up out the door! I waited for about 5 minutes - nothing was moving so I left and walked to work. My office is accross the street, so I can go back around 9am and grab a coffee - right?? WRONG!! I just got back empty handed...the line up was clear out to the stinkin sidewalk! I didn't even bother crossing the street!

Ugh...I reeely need a coffee! :(

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Kirsten said...

bummer - I went to grab a sandwich at Tim's last week, same thing, line up out the door