Saturday, June 16, 2012


What a crazy weekend!!  I had 3 orders in total.  1 for a Mickey Mouse cake, 1 for 50 Graduation cake-pops and 1 for a "Mama-Mia inspired cake".  Normally, that would have been hectic enough - but...I hurt my hip on Wednesday and coudln't even walk Wednesday night. :(  Anyone who says that bursitis is not painful, has never had it before because -Dang!!  Anyway - I had tried to plan the orders well enough that I wouldn't have ot work on anything today - but - the loss of Wednesday and most of thursday - really threw me for a loop. 

The Mickey Mouse cake was due on Friday morning, and was delivered on schedule.  I'm told, though, that his hand fell off when he got to Miramichi. :(  Ugh.  The other "ugh" is that I totally forgot to get pictures of it. :(  Hopefully the birthday momma will send me one. :) (*Update - Thanks Birthday Momma for sending me a if only I could figure out how to rotate it :(  *)

The Cake pops (all 50 of them) were due today at noon.  they came together pretty well and we still have enough of the filling for kiddo to make them for her class. :)  I was up, though, until after 1am working on all of it.  I had all the baking done - it was just a matter of pulling it all together.

The Mama-Mia inspired cake was the last on the list for delivery and I just got home from dropping it off.  The birthday girl was happy with it - so it was a success. :)  I'm happy with how it turned out.  I wish, though, that the shell mold that I bought for it - actually worked.  What a waste!  I made the church out of rice krispie squares and really like how it turned out. 

I think the flipflops are super cute too.  Overall - I really like this one. :)  Oh - the sand is graham crumbs and brown sugar. :)

After all that, I'm tired and sore and reely need a shower...but first I have to clean the kitchen, then mow the lawn and then - if I'm really lucky - I'll get to go for my walk for the first time since Wednesday!! YAY! :)

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