Tuesday, April 3, 2012

not so super-store cake

I offered to put a logo on a cake for a friend - super simple.  All I had to do is pick up the half slab from the Super-store.  White cake - white frosting - white trim...they clearly misunderstood my order!!!.     
When I arrived at the bakery counter to pick up the cake…it didn’t even have any trim!  Without warning I blurted out “That’s the ugliest thing I have ever seen!!!”  The 12 year old who was working behind the counter looked afraid and offered to put a border on it.  For a brief second I was impressed that a 12 year old could put a shell border on an ugly arsed cake and left to wander while she completed the task.  10 minutes later, I came back to find her attacking it violently with frosting!!!  I told her to stop – give me a big discount and I’d take it home and fix it myself.  At the same time – I asked her why it was 3 inches deeper on 1 side than on the other.  Her reply??  “Uhhh – that’s how they come in.  The other ones in the cooler are like that too”..  Ooooo baby-gurl…no they don’t sweety!  When I got home, I removed all frosting from the cake and discovered that the 3” height difference from 1 end to the other was allllll frosting!!  And let’s not over look the chewed corners on the cake board.  Honest to goodness…I learned very quickly that a) I don’t charge nearly enough and I’m way better at this cake thing than I give myself credit for.  When everything was scraped off of the hydious mess and a crumb coat was applied, I had no less than 4 heaping cups of frosting left over to re-frost the cake with.  4 CUPS!!! ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING??!!!  What can I expect, though, from a cake that looks like it was frosted with a paint roller??  The finished product worked out for the best and she was happy with it all the same.  Thankfully – it all ended well….but I will never buy a superstore cake again.

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Angelica said...

I just wanted to say that I work in a bakery that gets most of their stuff shipped in, including sheet cakes and sometimes they do have unequal sides. My most favorite *cringe* is when they have huge lumps in the center! I try to be mindful when icing a cake that it should look level lol :P

I'm also impressed a 12 year old knew how to pipe onto a cake. Excellent.