Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The road to hell is paved with good intention...I recently got an order for cupcakes.  If anyone remembers…cupcakes have literally kicked my butt lately.  I haven’t had good luck with them at all!  In fact – I recently burned over 6 dozen while trying to get ready for a work meeting.  The order I received was simple.  Chocolate cupcakes with a girlie design.  Because they were for a work friend – I decided to cover my bases (just to be safe)  I picked up 12 chocolate cupcakes from the grocery store (in case I burned another 6 dozen) and then went home to make cupcakes with my youngest punk.  I let her do all the adding and mixing and we used some very girlie foil lined cupcake cups that I picked up on the way home.  I have to say – weather it was the plantes aligning – or the mad baking skills of a 9 year old…or maybe the divinity of the foil cups…they turned out awesome!!!  And so – I set off to decorate MY 12 fresh baked cupcakes and let kiddo decorate the 12 store bought cupcakes.  (Actually – in hind sight…we baked 24 so I think my punk got to decorate 24 while I decorated 12! Lol) 

Anyway – we were up until midnight and we both had a ball. J 

My fave by far is the 1 boy-ish cupcake reserved for Jonah.  (I found out after the fact that Johan does not like frosting! Lol)   

I also got to make some super cute marshmallow flowers!!  I took mini's and cut them diagonally (from corner to corner) to make each pettle.  Dipped it in coarse sugar (for sparkle) and put a pearl in the center with a glob of frosting.  They were much cuter in person cuz the pic doesn't show the sparklee bits. :)

So that's it for the cupcakes...oh - and I was reeeely glad that they turned out cuz the grocery store cupcakes were crazy dry!! :(  And because my element finally went in my stove (and hubby picked up a new one today) I'm hoping ot make more cupcakes very soon! :)

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