Monday, April 16, 2012

Crazy cake weekend...

I was reading over my blog from last year and it looks like it's an annual thing for me to be cake crazy on the week of hubbies birthday.  This year - I made 4 cakes - countem - 4!!  Next year, though, I will not take any cakes besides Hubbies and B's - that's it!  2 is my limit!  lol

A couple months ago, I asked B what kind of cake she wanted for her birthday.  She asked for a round cake - "Aww come on kid!  Challenge me!!"  she laughed and said - " about a LIVER cake!!!"  A cake made out of Liver, I asked??  "NO!  A cake that looks like a liver!"  "DONE!"  She looked a little worried, but forgot about it quickly until this weekend when she was surprised with THIS beauty!!  lol  I'm a little proud of myself on this one...the gallbladder is my favorite ;)
After the Liver cake - I had to wrap up 2 baby shower cakes for the same person! lol  Only 1 baby but she couldn't decide which cake so she got both! :)  I LOVED the colors and am really happy with how they turned out. :)

My 4th cake of the weekend was for hubby.  A chocolate fudge cake with chocolate frosting and ganash sauce poured over top.  I don't have a picture's not really all that exciting. :)  But there you have it.  4 cakes in 1 weekend. 

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Auntie Em said...

You are the queen of cake decorating! The liver cake proves it with out a doubt.

I have left a little blog award for you over on my blog. I love reading your posts and seeing what you have been up to. Thank you for all the smiles...and giggles! {hugs} :)