Friday, April 6, 2012

Cottage at the lake - cake

A friend called me on Tuesday to ask if I'd make a cake for a mutual friend and I jumped at the chance!!!  I love her to bitts and haven't had the opportunity to make a cake for her before so YAY!  :)  She has a cottage at the lake so I decided to make a Cottage at the lake-cake. :)  She showed me a picture and I was ready to go....until about 9pm last night when I realized that everythign was closed...and I was out of red food coloring AND cocoa!!!  ugh!  The roof is supposed to be red...or rather burgundy - but instead - she got purple.  The main color is pretty close and the windows and door was just fun.  Louanne suggested a tree with a little owl - but instead - she got a purple peep with a sinister grin. ;)  It seemed more - I was out of cocoa brown. Anyway - I delivered it this morning and the birthday gal really liked it.  Oh - and I got to meet her poochie who is the most adorable poochie ever!!  I was totally smitten. :)

Happy Birthday Mariet!  And Louanne - in case you're blog stalking me - here's the cake. :D

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