Saturday, April 23, 2011

Please pray for my Dad...

Early this week, Dad has surgery to replace the mandibular plates in his sternum with actual sternal plates that had to be flewn in from Florida.  Poor Dad spent days fasting 24hrs until they finally managed to get him in to an operating room.  It has been so frustrating because Dad is a big man and has diabetes.  Neither are working in his favor. 

Yesterday, Dad sneezed and the new plates came apart!  So now...Dad is left with a broken sternum and no uppoer body support...being sent back to square one to repeat yet another surgery with no known recovery date or time.  To make matters worse, Dad drives truck so every day spent recovering is another day without an income...and he's the sole income for Mom & Dad.  Plus - Dad is alot like me and doesn't do sitting still very well so all of this is incredibly hard for him.  He's so discouraged and frustrated - I have never seen him like this before and it is driving me mad that I can't do anything to help. 

Please - If you have any prayers to offer - we will gladly take whatever you have to give. 

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