Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting excited

Tomorrow, I get to hang with a group of my gal-pals!  We're headed to a local hotel to (Bow-chicka-wow-wow) CROP!!!  I can't wait! Even if I'm totally lacking in mo-jo...not having to answer to the namem "Mommy" for an entire afternoon will be lovely! :)

I've been surfing a little this morning, trying to come up with a plan or two to work on tomorrow.  Accidentilly - I happened upon THIS AWESOME IDEA!!!  It's a paint and fresco technique on a cuttlebug folder.  I don't have the lantern folder - BUT - I do have a ton of other folders that I'm anxious to try!!

I've also ear-marked a few card ideas too - I figure I should probably get around to my birthday and thank you cards...and maybe even get a jump on Christmas??  (Dare I dream??)  and if that doesn't work out...I'll crochet! :)  (A turtle...since I still haven't found Mommy!)

I'll post pics of whatever I do come up with.  

Oh - and don't forget...if you haven't posted a comment on the feebie monkey hat post - there's still time! :)

1 comment:

Auntie Em said...

Hollee, PLEASE post your new projects but especially post anything you make with the technique used on the lanterns!!!! Pretty please!
Hope your crop was lots of fun!!! :)