Friday, April 22, 2011


I got to sleep in alot today!  YAY! 
Cept I slept till almost 1pm cuz we didn't get to bed till after 3am!  UGH!
I also got to use my clothes line for the first time this year!!  YAY! 
But realized how much of a mess the back yard is in - dog poo! UGH!
But it's perfectly beautiful outside and so nice to feel warm-ish-ness from the sun!  Yay! oldest kiddo turns 13...Ugh!
I'm too young to be the Mom of a teenager...double ugh!  She is crazy excited though.  I have trying to remember my transition to teen-ager and the memories evade me.  Oh well - I'm sure she will leave me with enough tomorrow. :)

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