Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun and fondant free...well almost. :)

This passed weekend I had the chance to make another cake for the same family that requested the horse and skateboard cake! :)  There is a big sister who is turning 18 and is very involved in cheerleading.  Her grandmother requested a cheer type cake and sent me several pictures.  In the middle of our planning, though, we ran in to a bit of a catch.  One of the family members requested a cake that you can cut and "not have any fondant"...well...the trouble with that is all the decorative fun stuff comes from what I'm able to do with fondant - EEK!  But - it was still important for the big sister to have a fun cake -so - what to do?? make a super fun Ombre cake of course! :D  I wish I was able to cut the cake before delivering it so that I could show you the inside too - but...the best I can do is tell you taht the frosting colors on the outside match the cake color on the inside. :)  Once it was frosted, though, it still needed some sparkle and fun - so I dug out the wire swirls and shimmered some fondant and dolled it up just a hair. :)  In the end - I think it turned out pretty darn fun...and you can still cut it "and not have any fondant". :)

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