Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An exercise in planning (4 cakes in 1 week!)

Here we go again!!!

This week is sure to be a test of my abilities to plan things well. I have 4 cakes on the horizon. The first is a minivan cake for a co-worker. If all plans go as I hope – it will be a Burgundy 1995-ish Plymouth Voyager with a Superman logo on the hood, angel wings and a halo. :) It’s a smaller cake for 3 people only – BUT – it will be crazy super rich and chocolateeee!!! Plus – there will be lots of fun detail work to keep me plenty busy. Hubby is most excited about possible leftovers. (Can’t say I blame him)

The other three cakes are for a classmate of my youngest kiddo. Her party is on Saturday and she has requested a horse head cake for her party – but…she’s a triplet and has 2 brothers. They will also be having cake with family – so – they will also need a separate skateboard cake for the boys and a small horse cake for the birthday girl.

Yup – that’s 4 cakes alright! Wish me luck!

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Auntie Em said...

Only you Hollee would manage to agree to four cakes in one week! You are amazing though I will pull it off with out a doubt! :)

Hope your DH finds a few leftovers to enjoy. It sounds like a delicious cake! Pics please! :)