Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Cake update and other stuff

It seems that most of my posts lately have started with apologies for neglecting my blog.  I really do miss having a computer of my very own.  Blogging from my tablet is soooo not an option. :( 

Anyway, along with my apologies, I will add some pics that I recently discovered and was reminded that I never did post them on here.  (Or at least...I hope I didn't...no - I mean - Yay if I did...I hope this isn't a duplicate. :S  Oy!)  Ok - enough already...

Brads Birthday cake!

I made this one for my Bestest gal-pal's hubby.  It was kindof a whim...or rather, a last minute fun thing.  she gave me creative freedom to do whatever I chose and this is what I came up with.  Originally I was going to have an upright bike...but the black fondant did not cooperate and I was left with limpy black circles - soooo...the fondant Brad wiped out instead and bike parts were flung randomly accross the cake. :)
My fave part...his thumb fell off. ;)  See the little bloody thumb waaaaay in the background??  lol  Nevemind!  It's a thumb I tell ya!!

February Cupcakes

Back in February...err - I think it was February, I made a ton of Sunflower cupcakes for a work meeting in Halifax.  I knew it was one of those meetings where conversations could become challenging and a) had zero funds for anything food related b) I know that nobody can be cranky with a giant cupcake in their hand soooo...I brought these bad boys along.  Worked like a charm!!  I can't take credit for the design though - I got the idea from this  youtube tutorial.  I heart allllll her cupcakes! :)

Crosby cake

This one was for the same Mom that requested the lego cake:)  and I just realized I didn't post the lego cake either - eek! sorry!

Sponge Bob cake

I can't believe I forgot to post this one!!  What a hoot to make! :)  It was for Megan - what a doll!! :)  The coral bits are made out of salt water taffy! :)  Spongebob is a candle though. 

Ok...enough of that.  I have 2 more cakes to post but these 2 need a post of their very own!! :)  Thanks for looking! :) 

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Auntie Em said...

More of your awesome cakes Hollee!!! Gotta' love the broken up biker. Laughed out loud at that one. So did someone eat the thumb?
How in the world did you get the cupcakes transported without smashing up those beautiful petals? Did you make the cute little ladybugs too?
Your Spongebob cake is another winner! Do you ever enter your cakes in competitions at fairs or anything?
Thanks for posting the photos! I always love seeing your work.

BTW, online crop on SNC the weekend of the 17th. Miss you there!