Monday, January 16, 2012

Pictures are worth a billion words

I'am pretty sure I haven't stopped since October...but getting it all down will take a short forever, soooo...Here's a brief photo-history of what's gone on in the last few months...
Mousey cake for Squid's 1st birthday. :)

Birthday cake for boss...may have posted this already (??)

Unicorn - crochet pony for a baby shower (the flower comes off :)

Mickey mouse hat...worked on in between trips to the hospital with kiddo and numerous battles with the common cold.

2nd take at Cookie Monster hat - round 1 only fit a 2 year old - *sigh*  patterns + hook size + yarn weight do not always = the hat size you are planning on.

3rd Elmo hat in a row...need a break from Elmo for a while. :)

Kiddo turned 9 and had her 1st house party in years. :)

Christmas violin recital :)

Merry Christmas (LOVE the t-shirt...too bad they didn't make it in my size. ;)

YAY! BABY GERMS!!!  I think I earned the title "favorite aunt"...but I sure do miss her. :(  10 days wasn't long enough. :(

Pasta...DH got a pasta maker for Christmas...trying it out was an adventure for sure!

This is DH's newest hobby.  He has 3 planes so far...I'm pretty sure there are more on the way...and he hasn't flown one yet. *sigh* good thin he's cute. :) 

Oh - and this is what a 13 year old who just got a Kobo looks like :)

Ok - so more than that has happenned...but thoses are the highlights...that I got pictures of anyway :)  Hope you're having a fantastic 2012! :)

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