Sunday, January 29, 2012

I made pie crust!!

For years I have been jealous of anyone who can make pie crust. I have tried many times and bombed with impressive failure! My Papa (a cook from WWII and an impressive pie maker.) tried to share his gift, at one point saying, "Hollee dear, you're not getting through life on your looks, so you'd better be able to bake a pie". :)  He was tormenting of course, but I still couldn't make pie crust.
So tonight, I consulted The Pioneer Woman for a pie crust recipe and HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! Not only did I find a recipe but it freakin works!!!!!!! I MADE A CHERRY PIE!!!!! (and then we ate it all! ) shhhhhhhhh! :)

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Auntie Em said...

Bless your heart for learning the fine art of delicate flaky crust! As for me, I refuse to try anymore and am quite happy with a combination of frozen Tenderflake bottom shells and Pillsbury tops...they look more like real pies, if you don't look at the little tin pan the pie sits in. :D
Enjoy your pies! :)