Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Conversation with the fishy cake customer

Me - (called her) Can I speak to A please??
A - Hadew
Me - I understand you would like a princess cake for your party
A - Uh-huh! :)
Me - And what color would you like?
A - All of dem...
Me - All of them?? :S
A - Uh-huh! Wiss Vanidda inside!
Me - Ok - Princess cake with Vanilla inside...but what is your FAVEorite color??
A - Pewpl and Peenk!
Me - Purple & Pink??
A - Uh-huh!
Me - Ok - then how about rainbow vanilla cake inside??
A - Uh-huh!
Me - and what would you like ON your princess cake??
A - Flahwuz and staws!
Me - Flowers & Stars??
A - Uh-huh! Anna black eye and white awms!
Me - A black eye??
A - Uh-huh! Ann white awms!
Me - ummm...ok?? sure!
A - Bye!

Lord help me!


Kirsten said...

black eye - bad guy?

good luck with all that!!

Queen Mel said...

that is just weird :)

Jenn said...

I don't know any princess that has a black eye with white arms...Good luck with that ;0)

lesly said...

I'm seeing therapy in this kids future.