Wednesday, March 31, 2010

1 more sleep till fishy cakes!!!

Tomorrow, the fishy princess cake girlie turns 5!! And tomorrow, I will begin to make the fishy princess cake with a black eye and white arms. While we're on that note...I clarified with the Mom of said child and it seems that what was meant by "black eye" was the pupil. I'm glad she clarified to save me from making a horrible mistake like using lemon yellow for the pupil, as I often do with Barbie cakes, since Barbie doesn't always come pre-painted. ;) AND what was meant by "white arms" was to express her preference of having a caucasian Barbie in her - now that THAT is out of the way...I'm going to do my best to make a fishy themed princess barbie cake! Oh and because Mom of said kiddo is nutz enough to have 50 people at this party (yup - you heard right...50!! Say it with me...Feh-fteeeeeee! Yup! fifty! Five-oh!) Anyhow - on the grounds of Moms pending insanity, (She's nutz, but I luv her just the same! ) this Princess cake also gets a pet whale cake! :) I'm sooooper excited!! :) The ideas are all I have to do is catch them...and make them look like cake! :) I'll post pics as I go.

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