Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So...Yesterday, I took a trip in town. I saved up my energy all day and then went with hubby to take the girls to sparks/guides. Well...I'm dumby, cuz I totally forgot about the notice that last night was selling cookies night!! Yeah - we stood outside the doors for about 15 minutes...then figured it must have been cancelled, so we left. About 2 minutes ago - I found the e-mail reminding me that I'm a bad mom!

Anyhoo...I shuffled my way into the Superstore and i'm really still walking funny! It felt like everyone was staring at me!!! (I'm pretty sure they were!) With any luck, the nurse lady will remove my 2nd drain today and then I'll officially be "Unplugged!"

Now, I'm on my way to try and take a nap in my very own bed...for the first time in almost 2 weeks!!! The recliner has been a blessing...but I miss my bed. Sleeping in a chair every night is just weird!! It's funny cuz I know that the second I try to nap...the freaking phone will ring!! What is up with that?!

Oh well...Wish me luck!

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