Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nearly cordless and other random ramblings!!

This surgery thing is hard work!! I'm like a little old lady, shuffling around the house!! Today marks day 8 on my 6 week recovery, and I am suprised that I'm not climbing the walls yet!! I'm thanking the gawds above for my recliner!! Who knew a chair could be so comfy to spend the night in...night after night after night!!!

I'm also thankfull that I'm not in pain!! I don't know weather that's normal, or if I just have I higher tollerance then the average bear?? In either case, I'm really not taking anything for pain...aside from the occasional Advil for - of all things - a head ache!!

So having the house allll to myself is weird!! The day flashes by me like crazy, thanks to the Twilight series (that I'm almost finished - sniff!) Book 1 & 2 were done in no 3 took some adjusting was like they changed writers or book 4 I was like "Oh COME ON!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS??!!" and totally ready to drop it...but I'm now on page 610...which is pretty much done.

The nurse stopped by today and took out my right drain. first - let me take a moment to say EWWWW!!! I'm soo totally thrilled to be relieved of at least ONE blood grenade!! I probably should have taken more pictures...but maybe it's best that I haven't?? I won't get into're welcome! Being cordless will be AWSOME!! Sponge baths kinda suck!!

Lucy has been the ultimate guardian! She helps keep my feet warm, checks on me often, helps me recline the recliner, pushes me back when I go to far and get stuck! (THAT I should have had pictures of!) and keeps me company when I'm home alone...good dog!!

So now...I think I'll go grab a snack and take a quick nap before I read the last few pages of book 4, while waiting for my crazy family to get home. I don't think this is a lifestyle I'd want long term...but the break is nice!!

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