Thursday, April 16, 2009


Lucy cracks me up!! I get the feeling - most days - that she was a person in a former life.

She Looooves to chase the ball. She's not really what you'd call a "retriever" though...outta sight - outta mind, yup - that's my girl!! lol Because of this Love, (and the fact that I totally throw like a girl) we bought a "whip-it" a couple years has been my salvation!!! I can send that ball flying for miles with just the flick of a wrist! Since we can't really walk her on the's been a gawd send for exercise purposes and she has yet to complain!

Now that the snow is gone, I've found all 17 tennis tennis balls that were lost in the fall...just as the snow arrived, tennis balls became invisible as they hit the ground. Did you know that a dog can totally give you a dirty look?? Cuz I got one every darn time that ball disappeared under a cm of snow!!! I tried to convince her to run after it, but all I got was a huff!! LOL crazy dog!

Most of the field is dry - and perfectly suited for ball chasing. I'm still recovoring and can't really manage a full out Whip of the ball...but she hasn't really had much exercise all winter so we both started slow...I threw it a decent distance, about a dozen times and she plodded slowly to go get it, then plodded back to drop it at my feet. Poor thing, that night she was soo sore!! lol I had to laugh, but the loaf of peanut butter toast I fed her seemed to make her feel better! lol

This morning, she waited with the girls for the bus. She's really very good - she knows where her limit is, and sits quietly beside me as they hop on (being sure to bark a single thundrous bark at the bus before it eats her children). While we were waiting Soapy said something about Lucy "whizzing" in the field, but Lucy was beside I politely corrected my cherrub that we don't say "whizz"... As it does every morning, the bus arrived and ate the children. Lucy was pretty spunky so I decided to toss the ball for her for a bit before breakfast. This morning, though, she was jogging in a totally weird pattern?? I'd throw the ball straight...but she'd run in an arc allllllllll the way up and around then back down to get the ball. On her return, she jogged alllllll the way down then back up to drop it at my was totally weird! I made the mistake of distracting her when I threw it, so she didn't see it's path. This resulted in the inevitable look that I get from her that I'm positive sounds like "good girl Mommy!! You threw the ball!!!" I squish accross the field (in a straight line) to get the darn ball - I found tennis ball 18 this morning! lol Lucy, however, followed off to my side...watching me, and looking at the ground?? too weird! So halfway accross the field, she starts to spazz out??! Anyhoo - I look down and SHE TOOK A DUMP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FIELD!!! LOL THAT is why she was avoiding the center!!! ROTFL So I pull the grocery bag out of my pocket - dealt with it - then collected number 18, the ball I threw and the light up rubber ducky that we lost in November!! LOL

I suppose there's no point in mentioning that the next time I threw the ball in a straing line...Lucy jogged in a straight line to get it! LOL She also made it a point to watch the ground alot on the way back!! She cracks me up!!

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