Sunday, March 2, 2014

Building my Pantry; #2

Yesterday the impatience kicked in and forced me to Home Hardware.  I had a brief chat with hubby before I left and was pretty much forbidden to bring anything home.  His reasoning was sound - I just didn't care. ;)  He's still not back on his feet from surgery and the table saw is buried in the shed - so - he wasn't able to rip the pine needed for the shelf brackets.  Ok - I understand - and the other pine is too expensive - bla bla bla...But...since hubby used to work at this particular Home Hardware - the guys are super helpful.  They pulled out some very clear 1x2 pine for me and cut my 8' shelving down to 6' so that it would fit in the civic.  I only picked up 3 shelves...then didn't get to do a darn thing with it last night.  this morning, though, I'm up and attem and reeeeely wanna put some shelves in there.  The trouble is...I found THIS article...and now I'm second guessing everything.  *sigh*  What to do??  I bought 3 shelves that are 12" deep...time to think some more I think...

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Auntie Em said...

The article makes sense. We built all our wall pantry cabinets so inside shelves are 14 1/2", other than my double pantry cabinet which is 15 1/4" deep since it's for pots and pans and appliances. If you go too deep the stuff behind is outta sight and doomed to be lost forever..unless you like cleaning out kitchen cabinets a every week. I found stuff that was over 10 years old in ours when we took out the old ones. Yuck!
We also make the shelves so they are adjustable. Brackets from Mardens are were cheap and clips ordered from Home Hardware in bulk. Now I can, and have, move shelves if the need arises.
We also put in drawers up to 36" so everything can be see from above. No getting down to see what the mouse was into on the bottom shelf! Yikes!
Good luck with your new pantry. Hope you enjoy it as much as you did your Great Grandma's! :)