Monday, July 9, 2012

Space Cake and Dino placement

This is my most recent cake, and my last for a bit as I'm taking a break until my next cake in October...or at least that's the plan for now. :)

I started chatting with the birthday girl's Mom a little while ago, when it was decided that it would be a CHOCOLATE (insert Happy Dance HERE!!!) Space cake.  We laughed over some fun ideas but Mom pretty much gave me creative freedom to do whatever the heck I wanted - WOOT!  And so - this space themed cake was born! :)

The base is supposed to be earth (I suck at Geography - Don't judge me!)  The pie shaped green bit with teh star on it is supposed to be Africa....please squint - you'll see it!  Honest! lol  Obviously, the next ball up is the moon.  I'm really happy with the craters but it was missing something so I tucked a little birthday girl peeking out of the moon - just for fun. :)  And What's a space themed cake without planets??  Well..this cake has 3 of them...the red planet is Mars, the blue planet is Neptune (or at least that's what I'm calling it cuz it's kinda blue) and the purple one is - you guessed it - Uranus!!  ROTFL 
This next bit is my favorite part of the cake!!  :)  What's that you ask???  Why yes!!  Yes that IS a dinosaur sticking out of Uranus!!!  LOL (It's OK - the birthday Mom totally approved - even encouraged it!! :D)  The best part was after I passed the cake over.  When I was walking away I heard the birthday girl say..."Look Mama - The monster is stuck in teh planet!"  I laughed out loud - I couldn't help it!! 

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