Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Scrap Room Chronicles Part II

So there I was, the proud new owner of a brand new room that was all mine!! AND it had its very own door!!! The first obstacle was cleaning the room out! UGH! Hubby had trashed it! The walls were a disaster and in bad need of repair...and a clean coat of paint! There was no flooring, just concrete and no trim...Plus a family of moldy spiders had moved into the window that hadn't been cleaned in years because you couldn't get to it for the mess! Not even the clean sweep team would have taken on this space!! but I did! :)
The first step was cleaning out the room - ugh!! I probably should have had a tetanus shot after that but I survived just the same. Then I patched and painted the walls...When I was done, I had a clean slate! I still had to move the kiln to lay the ceramic tile, but I managed it...all by myself!! I am Woman!! Hear me ROAR!!!

So this is the point where I'm kicking myself for not taking more "before" pics!! cuz after I finished the tile, I didn't rally waste much time moving in!! lol

Overall, the entire process took maybe a week! I was off all summer, so not having to work everyday did have its advantages...but I did manage to throw my back out in the process! lol I've made a couple small changes to it since this picture was taken...I've had to move all the rest of my stuff in and hung my peg board and put up a curtain...which I hung creatively with fold back clips!! lol

Trying to take a picture into a bright window never works out so well for here is the end result...bad pic and all but it's finally done and it's alllll mine!!!

I'm nuts over my room! All I have left to finish is grouting the floor...and sort out my computer which takes up half the space with my scanner and printer but it's a small price to pay to have such a great space!!

Ok - I'm off to scrap now!! TFL :)

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Kim said...

Wow. I'm jealous!