Sunday, September 13, 2009

Labour of Love!

When I was growing up, Gram had a black step stool chair in her kitchen. I loved that thing! It was just such a great memory for me - I don't know exactly why I liked it so much, but I've always wanted one! I have asked Gram about it a couple of times and she really didn't think much of the chair and couldn't remember where it went to. Bummer! :(

Well...One afternoon, I decided to post on my fave of forums about my love for this crazy chair...

Never in a million years would I have guessed the outcome!! A perfect stranger (Emily) tells me that she has an old one in her basement that I can have!! OMG!! Are you SERIOUS?? So off to Sussex I go!! YAY! I picked it up and it was AMAZING!! (Although I did get the feeling that Emily didn't see the potential that I did! lol)
I brought it home and didn't waste any time!! It was perfect and exactly what I was looking for! I took the back and the seat off right away...then took off the steps...all the red paint came of pretty easily too! I used a sanding sponge to get it all off and a dremil for the really tough spots! I gave it new rubber feet and covered the back and the seat and voila!! It took me about 2 days...but totally worth every single second! I LOVE my new chair!!

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prittykitty said...

Great job Hollee! It looks great!